Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gorgeous Work

My friend Lindsey made this hairflower for Katie to match her Chickie outfit. It is even more stunning than I would have imagined! I just had to share. :) Click the title to view her hairflower.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Friends & Cute Chicks

I had the privelege of meeting my friend Jenn of takeabowcreations this week! We collaborated on a design and met to take photos. We had so much fun. It was wonderful to meet in person and see our girls become friends as well! I had a hard time choosing photos to put in this post, so please bear with me! LOL Jenn's design as well as my jewels can all be found on ebay right now!

I also had the privilege of working with Susan of little*moonkey and you can see her design with my Chick Lampwork necklace. All of these designs can be found on ebay right now by searching "ivylane chick".

And because it's my blog, I have to put in two of my favorites of K from Sunday. :)