Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet the Migneaults!

August is here--which means we are launching our adoption fundraiser! As a part of that, each week on here we'll introduce one of the families being featured that month. This week's family is the Migneaults.

1. Where are you adopting from; when will you be going?
We are adopting through China's waiting child program. We HOPE that we will travel in about a year (more? Sigh). While we don't know exactly who our daughter is yet, we know God does and we rest in comfort that He loves her, protects her and guards her. We do know, however, that she will be between 1 and 3 years old... that means she will be a little bit younger than our youngest son.

2. How did God lead you to the decision to adopt?
Adoption is something that we have talked about many times over the years. But, never really believed it was possible for us. So many things seemed impossible to overcome... I mean WHO can afford it? Certainly not us! We are blessed already with three beautiful children, "are we pushing our luck"? Our house isn't big enough, we only have one bathroom. The "excuses" go on and on. Then a couple years ago, I KNEW in my heart that we had another child, another daughter, out there somewhere. We were being led to do this... it was just simply undeniable. He had blessed us with another daughter, we just needed to find her. After many months of prayer and research we decided that we simply HAD to do this. When people ask me "why", I have nothing more to say than... "Because we have a daughter, she lives in China and we must bring her home".

3. What advice would you give other families who are considering adoption?
HA! How can we have any advice? We have no idea what we are doing. :-) We are just trusting in Him. He will give us all we need to care for and lovingly raise all FOUR of our beautiful blessings. Don't be afraid. Stop doubting. and TRUST! But, I am not going to lie... it is hard!

4. Do you have anything additonal you would like to share about your family or how the adoption process has gone for you?We are so very thankful to Hip Mom for providing us with this fundraising opportunity. One of biggest concerns when we started this was HOW we were going to pay for it. Let's be honest... it's still a concern. A very special thanks to Hip Mom for helping us bring our daugther home.

To help support the Migneaults, visit between 8/1/10-9/31/10 and use the code MIGNAUG10 upon checkout!

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