Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the Redferns!

We are excited to introduce to you the Redferns, the feature family here on the blog this week!

1. Where are you adopting from; when will you be going?
We are adopting from China. He is a 3 year old boy missing his arm and some other minor needs. We fell in love with him in June of 09, but could not accept his referral until March 2010. This fall is when we are hoping to travel, but as with all adoptions, it is a guessing game.

2. How did God lead you to the decision to adopt?
The road to our son Yong Qi Bi has not been an easy road. I really don’t know if adoption ever is, but this time his adoption is surrounded by different circumstances than our other adoptions. I wish I could eloquently put my words down like some, but I do not have that gift. I do know that this little boy is meant to be in our family. My husband and I have never prayed and fasted over an adoption like we did this time. We always pray for each adoption and they are never a willy nilly idea, but this time our prayer was followed with fasting. We earnestly sought the Lord's will with all our hearts. I love the quote that says “The will of God, nothing less-nothing more”. I do not ever, I mean ever, want to do something contrary to the will of the Lord. I know that can lead to so many issues. I think most people have the sin of omission when it comes to adoption. The Lord has put it on people’s hearts to adopt, but for some excuse or another they do not go forward. Now let me say that, I know not everyone is called to adopt. I realize that, but I do think that a lot more people are called than actually go forward. I didn’t want to be on the other spectrum. I could adopt many kiddos. That’s where my heart is. I have seen with my owns eyes a child laying in their own pee, on a piece of plywood wearing nothing but a cloth diaper held up by a rope. In fact, we adopted one of those children. I absolutely love being a mom.

My husband is just starting a business. He had lost his job (not of any fault his own) which is a very long story that some know. It was a hard time for us, but God has got us through. In fact, I know that the Lord knew it all was going to happen and Torey would have never started his one business if he had continued working where he was. He has always wanted to start his own business. Every since we were married, he has talked about it and he has a hard work ethic and the smarts to do it. But why leave a decent paying job with benefits to start your own business? Sometimes it circumstances that lead the road you take and we believe the Lord leads all our circumstances. All things work together for good to those who love God and all called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28. We believe if the Lord leads you to something, He will provide the way. We believe this with all our being. That doesn’t mean we can sit on our bottoms and not work hard to reach the goal He has set before us. I have been busy sewing dresses and having a garage sale. Hip Mom Jewelry has graciously offered to help us fundraise by donating a portion of her beautiful jewelry to our adoption. We are so grateful to all the people who have helped us.

3. What advice would you give other families who are considering adoption?
Pray and seek the Lords will. There are millions of orphans that needs homes.

4. Do you have anything additonal you would like to share about your family or how the adoption process has gone for you?
We are a family of 8, soon to be 9. Our children range from 3-20 years old and are very excited to have another brother. His American name will be Thatcher. We were logged into Chinas system on 5-31-10.

To support the Redfern family, visit during the month of August and enter the code "REDFERN10" upon checkout!

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Tracy Rogers said...

It is so wonderful of you to help these families! You are such an inspiration :)

Blessings to you!