Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet the Wood Family!

Adoption has totally been an idea sent from God for the Wood Family. They had been married for 18 years with no intention of having kids. They were both high school teachers and thought that the kids they taught on a daily basis were enough of a family for them. Then one summer they suddenly realized that no matter how much they cared about their students they simply were not "our" kids. They would always graduate, go off to college, move on with their lives and the Woods wouldn't be a part of their lives. So during a long car trip from California to Texas, they suddenly turned to each other and started talking about adoption. It had never come up before and here they were making plans for a family. At their age, adoption seemed like the natural choice. And Mr. Wood and Mrs. Woods parents were all adopted so adoption was always a part of who we were.
After a two year wait, they brought home their first child. They adopted at second time because they had always intended to adopt two and they really wanted their first daughter to have a sibling. Now they are waiting on bringing home two more!
This time it was if God whispered in their ear, "You need to go back to Congo and you need to bring home two. There are babies that need you." The Woods Family can not imagine how much they could love these amazing little people!
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Meet the VanCamp Family!

At about the time the VanCamp's started talking about adopting they had a friend who was adopted from Korea when she was 2 years old. They were so excited to have someone to ask questions of that experienced life being asian in a caucasion family. Unfortunately, she was then killed by a drunk driver, but the VanCamp's passion for adopting lived on!
The VanCamps found that they did not qualify for a Korea adoption, but qualified for China. This September the family welcomed their fifth adopted daughter home!

They have perservered through five adoptions with their latest adoption bringing their fifth daughter home in September. Their advice is not to sit around thinking about it, but to pray about it. If He points you in that direction, listen and get started!
Congratulate the VanCamp Family!

Meet the Turley Family!

The Turley's felt it was God's plan for them to adopt after they had two miscarriages and still wanted more children to love.

When asked what advice they would give families contemplating adoption they say, "Do your research, pray & then go for it."

After adopting their son from China in March of 2009, they are paperchasing for their second son. Both have special needs with bilateral cl/cp.

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Congratulations Turley Family!

Meet the Sharp Family!

Shannon and Penny Sharp were told at the beginning of their marriage that they would never have children. Nine months later they were pregnant with their son, who was a medical miracle according to their doctors. When he was a few years old they knew they wanted more children but that the infertility route was not for them. They prayed and asked the Lord what He would have for their family and our hearts were lead straight to China. Through a special needs program, they brought home a daughter in 2008.

They felt the desire to adopt again, but knew it would be virtually impossible financially. The Sharps prayed asking God's direction over their life and family. Penny prayed that if it was God's will that they adopt again that He would open the doors wide. And if it wasn't that he would close them.

God opened the doors once again and The Sharps look forward to celebrating in early 2011 the arrival of another son.

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Congratulations Sharp Family!

Meet the Rake Family!

The Rake family have long wanted to adopt and are happy the time is finally right. They believe that every life is a blessing and deserves the love and stability of a family. They long to be a "forever family" for one child, knowing that they will be changed for the better! Their strong faith in Jesus Christ is the faith that guides them in stepping out to adopt a daughter from China.
"Pray!" is their advice for adoption hearted families. They say to educate yourself on adoption by reading blogs, books, and meeting other adoptive families. And if you are a Christian, read the Bible with a heart attune to what God says about the orphan and oppressed. Pray that your heart will open. Also, become familiar with the different ways you can adopt and what brings a child into a position of be orphaned.
As a family waiting for their new addition, they love to play, learn, serve, and worship together!
Visit their blog at http://straight-paths.blogspot.com/ and congratulate them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet the Ohler Family!

Six years ago Joy Ohler stumbled on a blog. What was the topic? Adoption from China.
The blog highlighted the chronicling of daily activities with the family's new child and Joy was fascinated. One blog led to another. After reading about orphaned children in China and the conditions that the parents and chilren are caught up in there, she was deeply moved and felt led by the Lord that their family could make a difference in the life of one precious child. She felt especially called to the special needs children. This passion stayed with Joy while she prayed that her family would be called to adoption as well. Praying for years, she wondered if perhaps the call was to be a adoptive Grandma one day.
Two children later and on bedrest with a their fifth child, Joy's husband shared that he knew that adoption was the path for their family. Being literally hours from giving birth, Joy couldn't believe that now, now was the right time! But she was so thrilled that God in His own perfect timing had led both the Ohlers to the adoption journey.
From there they started researching agencies and found their adoptive child when just day's old and have been working steadily on the process ever since.
The Ohler's are so excited that God chose their family for adoption and look forward to sharing with others!
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Meet the Milford Family!

The Milford's story is one of patience! Ashley has wanted to adopt since she was fifteen years old and during their courting the Milford's knew they wanted to adopt at least one child. After much prayer, they decided China. Then came the patience - they had to wait until they met the 30 year old age minimum requirement. Six months out from Ashley's 30th birthday, they started the paperwork!

With two belly babies and one adopted girl now at home along with their 2 dogs, their "first kids", the Milford family is very close and pretty laid back. They enjoy doing pretty much anything as long as they can do it together.

The Milford's adopted daughter was diagnosed with a dual heart condition by her orphanize in China. They felt is necessary to go ahead and do open heart surgery on her before her new family could get to China. Now they follow up with specialists here.

Some advice the Milford's would share with others comtemplating adoption is to make sure you have a support system, either family or friends or both. The adoption journey can be trying, but it will shape and grow you into the parent you need to be for your child. And Ashley would say to always look for the silver lining.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hope For Haiti

After many requests we are so proud to offer necklaces that honor Haitian Adoptions. We have both the Haiti Silhouette & Hope for Haiti. Thanks for taking the time to check them out~!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome the McEwen Family!

With one adoption addition to their family, the McEwen's are on a journey to add another!

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Happy Adoption!

Meet the Gayman Family!

The Gayman family was led to adopt by a video their church had shown in 2008 that talked about the MILLIONS of children all over the world that are orphans. God planted the seed and they realized they had a home, and extra room and love in their hearts for another child.

After an illness postponed their actions, they then needed to decide which country. Beverly is a Godmother to one of the many children in their church adopted from Ethiopia. While she had always thought they would adopt from China, her heart was torn. She prayed for some kind of sign from God to lead the way. None came. In faith, they kept the process going. Then she started having dreams of meeting their daughter. In the dreams, she could never determine what country - she was always holding her daughter facing away from her. Then, right before they placed their application, she had another dream. In it, Beverly met her daughter, saw her face, and knew where they were supposed to go.

Say hello to the Gayman family on their blog http://www.wearelivingall4hisglory.blogspot.com/ or comment here. Thanks Gayman Family for being a part of Hip Mom Jewelry's Adoption Fundraiser!

Meet the Corman Family!

The Cormans have had the heart for adoption for decades!

Faye saw a news program on T.V. about the population crisis in China when she was 12 years old. In the segment, there was hidden camera footage of a businessman stepping over an infant that was left on the steps of a public building. At that moment, God put the desire in her heart to adopt.

Here is Mike, Faye, and Camille with a photo of Jon Paul who they hope to bring home this spring.

The Corman's adopted Camille from China. She is 6 years old and is hearing impaired and has bilateral hearing aids. They are waiting for 3 year old Jon Paul who
is living in China. Jon Paul is totally blind in one eye and has very low vision in the other eye.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet the Barretts

The Barretts found that a mere mention of "adoption" was a seed that God grew into what is now a journey to add to their family.

Congratulations Barretts!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 2010 Adoption Families Update!

Some of the November Fundraiser families have had great news this month! Check out their blogs:

Rake (no blog - see their profile on this blog)

Sharp Turley VanCamp Wood

Happy National Adoption Month!

Monday, November 8, 2010

National Adoption Month-What will YOU do?

November is National Adoption Month. While I know not all of us are called to adopt (myself included-at least not yet), but I know we are called to care for the orphan. Even if you are not called to adopt, you can pray for the orphan, and the family that is awaiting their arrival. You can can support an adoptive family financially or an orphanage or missionary. What will you do?