Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet the Gayman Family!

The Gayman family was led to adopt by a video their church had shown in 2008 that talked about the MILLIONS of children all over the world that are orphans. God planted the seed and they realized they had a home, and extra room and love in their hearts for another child.

After an illness postponed their actions, they then needed to decide which country. Beverly is a Godmother to one of the many children in their church adopted from Ethiopia. While she had always thought they would adopt from China, her heart was torn. She prayed for some kind of sign from God to lead the way. None came. In faith, they kept the process going. Then she started having dreams of meeting their daughter. In the dreams, she could never determine what country - she was always holding her daughter facing away from her. Then, right before they placed their application, she had another dream. In it, Beverly met her daughter, saw her face, and knew where they were supposed to go.

Say hello to the Gayman family on their blog or comment here. Thanks Gayman Family for being a part of Hip Mom Jewelry's Adoption Fundraiser!

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