Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet the Ohler Family!

Six years ago Joy Ohler stumbled on a blog. What was the topic? Adoption from China.
The blog highlighted the chronicling of daily activities with the family's new child and Joy was fascinated. One blog led to another. After reading about orphaned children in China and the conditions that the parents and chilren are caught up in there, she was deeply moved and felt led by the Lord that their family could make a difference in the life of one precious child. She felt especially called to the special needs children. This passion stayed with Joy while she prayed that her family would be called to adoption as well. Praying for years, she wondered if perhaps the call was to be a adoptive Grandma one day.
Two children later and on bedrest with a their fifth child, Joy's husband shared that he knew that adoption was the path for their family. Being literally hours from giving birth, Joy couldn't believe that now, now was the right time! But she was so thrilled that God in His own perfect timing had led both the Ohlers to the adoption journey.
From there they started researching agencies and found their adoptive child when just day's old and have been working steadily on the process ever since.
The Ohler's are so excited that God chose their family for adoption and look forward to sharing with others!
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