Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet the Rake Family!

The Rake family have long wanted to adopt and are happy the time is finally right. They believe that every life is a blessing and deserves the love and stability of a family. They long to be a "forever family" for one child, knowing that they will be changed for the better! Their strong faith in Jesus Christ is the faith that guides them in stepping out to adopt a daughter from China.
"Pray!" is their advice for adoption hearted families. They say to educate yourself on adoption by reading blogs, books, and meeting other adoptive families. And if you are a Christian, read the Bible with a heart attune to what God says about the orphan and oppressed. Pray that your heart will open. Also, become familiar with the different ways you can adopt and what brings a child into a position of be orphaned.
As a family waiting for their new addition, they love to play, learn, serve, and worship together!
Visit their blog at http://straight-paths.blogspot.com/ and congratulate them!

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