Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet the Wood Family!

Adoption has totally been an idea sent from God for the Wood Family. They had been married for 18 years with no intention of having kids. They were both high school teachers and thought that the kids they taught on a daily basis were enough of a family for them. Then one summer they suddenly realized that no matter how much they cared about their students they simply were not "our" kids. They would always graduate, go off to college, move on with their lives and the Woods wouldn't be a part of their lives. So during a long car trip from California to Texas, they suddenly turned to each other and started talking about adoption. It had never come up before and here they were making plans for a family. At their age, adoption seemed like the natural choice. And Mr. Wood and Mrs. Woods parents were all adopted so adoption was always a part of who we were.
After a two year wait, they brought home their first child. They adopted at second time because they had always intended to adopt two and they really wanted their first daughter to have a sibling. Now they are waiting on bringing home two more!
This time it was if God whispered in their ear, "You need to go back to Congo and you need to bring home two. There are babies that need you." The Woods Family can not imagine how much they could love these amazing little people!
Say hello to the Wood Family by leaving a comment or visit their blog at http://grace-and-haven.blogspot.com. Congratulations!

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