Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Lisa and her crew!

Single mom, special ed teacher, mom to three adopted kids, HIV education advocate. Wanna bring another kid into the mix? Bring it on, says Lisa. She revels in the family that God has given to her, and wants another to experience the love and generosity of their home. Her children have all been adopted through foster care, but this next one is an international adoption from Hong Kong. Way to rock it, Lisa, Olivia, Braeden, and Liam!

Family Blog: Little Did I Know

Meet the Bell Family

Roger and Erin Bell’s little boy, Aiden, has one humongous wish - and that is to be a big brother. The wish is so big, that they’ve even named their blog after it: “Aiden’s hope.” It’s a hope that the whole family is invested in. So as they go from one fundraiser to another — chili feed, popcorn sales, Pampered Chef, and ribbon wreaths, they keep that hope in their hearts. Lots of people are in with them on the goal of making Aiden’s wish come true — including us!

Thoughts on Houses

We all know what a house is, right? In case you don't -- it's the place you go back to between work and errands, where you cook your food and make your bed (sometimes) and dust your bunnies.

If that was all that a house meant, then this new design from Hip Mom Jewelry would be kind of silly. I mean, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" -- even if you were really into anthropomorphism, a bunch of bricks and plumbing would be hard stretched into being able to serving God.

So, a house, in this context, is not the place you pay a mortgage or rent on. It's your people. The ones who live in that house with you, day in and day out, sharing air and words and love and faith. Those people -- some of whom you chose, some of whom were chosen for you -- this is your house, the shelter of family that strengthens and protects and warms you. And your house is given to you as an outpouring of profound generosity from the Father. In response, you and your house love Him and serve Him.

We wanted this necklace to be a reflection of that love party between your peeps and God.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Featured Family: the Wolfe's

Aaron and Sherry Wolfe are hoping to get word any day about a match with their new daughter in China. In the meanwhile, they along with kids, Luke and Jacinda, are elbow deep in coffee and t-shirt fundraisers, and holy moly — they’ve even applied for adoption grants! Have you ever applied for a grant? Those puppies are no cake walk. Here’s hoping that Hip Mom’s partnership won’t require quite so much paperwork!

See the Wolfe's blog at: